The Razumovsky Trust has purchased a marvellous Steinway D Concert Grand Piano for the Razumovsky Academy. The Trustees are very grateful to the many Friends of the Razumovsky Trust who contributed generously to our Steinway D Piano Fund.

This fabulous instrument belonged for many years to the legendary Chinese pianist Fou Ts’ong who died in December 2020. 

The distinguished French pianist François-Frédéric Guy said Fou had been his “mentor and a musical father”. “His Debussy, Chopin and Mozart remain legendary.”

The renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang described Fou Ts’ong as “a truly great pianist, and our spiritual beacon”. “Master Fou was a great artist… I will never forget what he said about always staying kind and pure-hearted.  His understanding of music was unique.”

We are immensely grateful to Nigel Polmear who introduced us to this instrument. Pictured left, Nigel came to tune the instrument and suggested we invite Ulrich Gerhartz to advise on the best ways to preserve its beautiful qualities whilst at the same time ensuring that it is ready to serve Razumovsky Academy as a hardworking stage piano.


Ulrich Gerhartz, following initial examination of the instrument, suggested a comprehensive programme of servicing, both at Steinway Hall London’s workshop, and on-site at the Razumovsky Academy. Following completion of works by Ulrich, the rehearsals and recordings have resumed. “Ulrich’s work on the instrument was magical.” (Oleg Kogan).

Our Chairman Sir Bernard Rix came to the Razumovsky Academy to meet Ulrich Gerhartz during the works (pictured here together in the Academy garden). 




Our dear friend Julius Drake, who came to rehearse here with singers Alice Coote and Ian Bostridge, commented on the piano: “Absolutely marvellous!”

31 July 2021